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Unveiling Excellence with CWR Contracting


Customizations Unleashed: How can I tailor my residence, commercial project, or land development with CWR Contracting?


Answer: We offer unlimited revisions, ensuring your vision achieves perfection.


Versatility Redefined: What types of projects does CWR Contracting undertake?


Answer: From residential elegance to robust steel structures, we breathe life into diverse visions, including custom landscaping.


Land Development Mastery: Does CWR Contracting specialize in land development?


Answer: Absolutely, we specialize in comprehensive land development services, sculpting surroundings to perfection.


Renovations Crafted: Does CWR Contracting handle renovations?


Answer: Yes, our expertise extends beyond construction to precision-crafted renovations, transforming spaces with care.


Precision Delivery: How are homes delivered, and where does CWR Contracting operate?


Answer: Homes are transported and placed with meticulous precision. Currently, our focus is on Ottawa, GTA, and Thunder Bay.


Eco-Friendly Excellence: What eco-friendly practices does CWR Contracting embrace?


Answer: We champion sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and minimizing waste for a green building process.


System-Built Marvels: What makes CWR Contracting homes unique?


Answer: Our customizable homes are crafted in a controlled facility, ensuring efficiency, quality, and innovative design.


Flexibility in Construction: Is CWR Contracting adaptable to different construction methods?


Answer: Yes, while experts in system-built homes, we seamlessly adapt to stick-building when necessary.


Pricing and Approval Journey: How can I get pricing and approval for a CWR Contracting home?


Answer: Reach out for personalized pricing; our system-built homes meet CSA standards and local building codes.


Garages and Outdoor Bliss: Does CWR Contracting offer additional features like garages and outdoor spaces?


Answer: Absolutely, we seamlessly integrate garages, outdoor havens, and energy-efficient features for the perfect living environment.


Basement Marvels: Can I customize my basement with CWR Contracting?


Answer: Certainly, we offer personalized basement customization for a transformative living space.


Comprehensive Building Mastery: What types of projects does CWR Contracting handle?


Answer: From residential and commercial projects to renovations and land development, we orchestrate a wide range of construction endeavors.


Transform your vision into reality with CWR Contracting – where every detail resonates with innovation. We are proud to be fully licensed residential and commercial builders, equipped with all necessary documents and certifications. Rest assured, we are fully insured, providing you with peace of mind throughout your building journey.

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