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Planting Trees


Make the world a better place with a CWR contracting System Built Eco-Friendly Home that is environmentally sustainable and energy efficient. 

An Eco-Friendly Home is an environmentally low-impact home designed and constructed using materials to reduce its carbon footprint and energy needs. To achieve this, we utilize multiple ways to achieve sustainable objections such as reducing waste and recycling materials, controlling pollution, and decreasing CO2 emissions all in an effort to do our part to limit global warming. 

A Net-Zero Home can produce as much energy as it takes over a period of one year. It begins with optimizing the energy efficiency of the home to reduce the electrical charge and then adding solar panels to create electricity to power up the home.

If this is an interest to you, building an Eco-Friendly or a Net-Zero Home, the federal government has great incentive programs to help you with the process and save on significant costs. We can work with you to build your Net-Zero Ready Home as you take advantage of the grants to add solar panels.

An Eco-Friendly or Net-Zero Home requires: 

  • Additional insulation in walls 

  • Rigid insulation beneath the concrete slab 

  • A furnace with an air sour heat pump 

  • A Roof that is designed and capable of taking the solar panels 

  • Triple pane windows may also be a requirement 

Earth Loves You, Love it Back! #JoinThe Race to make the world a better place with a CWR contracting System Built Eco-Friendly Home designed for comfort and longevity.  

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