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About CWR Contracting: Crafting Dreams into Reality


Embark on a journey of excellence with CWR Contracting, a trusted name in residential and commercial property development, renovations, and land development. As a select partner for Guildcrest Homes, we bring a decade of expertise to Thunder Bay, the GTA, and now, Ottawa, ensuring high-quality System Built Homes that surpass expectations.

Our Legacy:

Operating in its fourth generation of family contractors, CWR Contracting embodies a legacy of care and commitment. Every project is a testament to our passion, reflecting a deep understanding of what it takes to create homes and spaces that resonate with excellence.


Expanding Horizons:

Proudly operating in Ottawa, GTA, and the Thunder Bay area, we stand as the premiere choice for those envisioning their dream homes, renovations, or property development. Unlike traditional stick builders, our System Built Homes offer solutions to challenges like supply and demand, weather delays, and labor shortages, meeting the current demand seamlessly.


Craftsmanship Redefined:

Our prefabricated homes, factory-built with precision, redefine craftsmanship. Carefully engineered and quality-crafted, each home bears the mark of our commitment to perfection.


Diverse Offerings:

We specialize in high-quality system-built homes tailored to diverse locations. Beyond residential projects, our expertise extends to commercial builds, renovations, and comprehensive land development.


Consulting to Completion:

The journey with CWR Contracting begins with personalized consulting services, ensuring your vision aligns with our meticulous planning. From new residential homes to commercial projects, renovations, and extensive land development, we transform ideas into reality.


Project Management Excellence:

Our project management team, with a deep sense of respect for every customer, handles every aspect from inception to completion. Stress-free building, renovating, and developing is our commitment. From engineering plans to site development, foundation, well drilling, septic, hydro, sewer, pools, solar, gas, oil, wood, and propane installations – we have it all covered.


Guiding You Through:

CWR Contracting navigates the complexities by ensuring your plans adhere to municipal and city guidelines. We handle demolition, removal of old residences, excavating services, and secure proper permits, making your journey seamless and hassle-free.


Your Dreams, Our Commitment:

At CWR Contracting, we turn dreams into reality. Join us on a transformative journey where excellence meets innovation, and spaces come alive with unparalleled craftsmanship.

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